Stafford Lake Bike Park Dual Slalom Race October 1

By September 15, 2017Cycling, Novato


Before the Event: Course Prep Workday on Sunday, September 24th, 9 am – 1 pm. Lunch for volunteers served around noon.

Race Day: Sunday October 1: – Volunteers needed to fill the following positions:

  • Event Emcee
  • Starting Gates Course Marshal
  • Mid-Course Course Marshal
  • Finish Line Course Marshal

All event day volunteer positions have two shift options: 10 AM – 12 PM or 12 PM to 2 PM

Event Emcee: We are looking for a volunteer who is comfortable using a microphone and addressing a crowd. Emcee will provide race information to racers and spectators, i.e. Who is racing, from which division, who is on deck to race next.  Emcee will also have the opportunity to add commentary that builds excitement and sense of community among event participants.

Starting Gates Course Marshal: will help facilitate the start of each race.  Will communicate with other course marshals to ensure proper timing between races.

Mid-Course Course Marshal: will monitor racers mid-course, notify staff and other course marshals if there is a crash, or if course conditions become unsafe for any reason, and will help ensure that spectators watch from a safe viewing distance.

Finish Line Course Marshal: will operate video camera if a photo finish is likely. In the event of a photo finish, finish line course marshal will quickly review race footage and help determine a winner.  For each race, finish line course marshal will communicate with a staff member from Parks to ensure that race brackets are accurately organized.

For all race day assignments, and for the race course prep day on 9/24, volunteers should RSVP to 415-763-2977 or